Race to the Top….how the Obama Adminstration and its conferderates created a whole generation of complete idiots by bribing local public schools all across the country to graduate as many kids as possible REGARDLESS of academic merit, test scores, attendance, or any level of actual Learning whatsoever.

America is now living its tailspin of generational stupidity in the disgusting wake of it.

Man I can’t wait to write about THIS one…..it’s boiled my blood for nearly 15 years now.

(The Two-Party system isn’t real, folks…nothing about it is, believe me)

The corporations who purchase these law-makers really just want idiot consumers who can’t think for themselves and can be easily neutered and rendered panic-stricken with news-media generated sloganized Machurian Candidate short phrases like “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Black Lives Matter”, causing them to run out and trample each other to fight for that last sack of toilet paper and box of ammunition on the shelf.

This is Real News.

I think it’s time that people finally get Real.

(LOTS more coming VERY SOON!)

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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