My commentary below was written in response to this above Ted Talk video…you might want to watch it first then ūüôā Wow, so much to say here. First, it’s really hard to believe that you know what it’s like to be in poverty. That’s not an insult, but trust aContinue Reading

The key to overcoming your anxieties and fears is Confidence…the key to developing Confidence is being Adaptable…the key to becoming Adaptable is becoming Tough…the key to becoming Tough is being able to get over your feelings of loss, rejection, and failure quickly ………………the key to getting over your feelings ofContinue Reading

If you believe that your political tribe is riteous in its actions and on the side of good, and “the other” political tribe is evil and on the side of bad, then you are an “UsVersusThemer” … …and you’re FUCKING STUPID! Well, technically you’re just Gullible, but, really, what’s theContinue Reading