Updated 9-6-2021: It seems I need to address a couple points in response to this post now that it’s been out there for a few hours. Conservatives have been asking me for months WHY they need to get vaccinated if everyone who IS vaccinated will be safe from them if THEY (the Conservatives) get sick.

So, okay, when I try to explain to them WHY, they’ll then ask me why chickens lay eggs, why B loves C, why 14-5 = Sigma Alpha Gamma, and who’s going to win the Pennant Race (yes, I’m old enough to remember what the Pennant Race was *sigh*).

Well, all you have to do is read this and ALL those questions, that you keep asking, will be answered right here.

In fact, it’s the very purpose of this whole post.

June 1, 2021 was the point where the States came out of their COVID shutdown. I don’t want to OVER-interpret this (these) data, so it needs to be stated, as a caveat, that ALL THINGS IN SCIENCE are CONCLUDED on STATISTICAL PROBABILITIES, and not, per se, “facts” (because, at any moment, the aliens could actually invade us).

Now that I’ve said that, so as to not post this as a Science Teacher operating in Malpractice, we CAN certainly acknowledge these data points that I pointed to on the graph as factual. By the way, though your MSN Corporate News (yes, that includes Fox News) is telling (and brainwashing) you to believe that the CDC is trash or “government propaganda” or any of that rubbish, it IS the ONLY source that any US average every day citizen should be getting their data from, BECAUSE they’re not trying to sell you anything (like Corporate News is).

Corporate logos conveniently stationed outward towards the camera….hmmmm…

So, this graph is from the CDC website as of today, 9-5-2021, and it is linked in the caption of the pic below.

While June 1st was the official end of these shutdowns, you can see the COVID case number delayed by about two weeks before cases started to show up. This CONFIRMS that what all the REAL Doctors, including Dr. Fauci, and the CDC have been saying about how long the average incubation period is for COVID-19, and why we all needed to wait 2 weeks after our last vaccine shot to be considered “fully vaccinated”.

So…they’re not wrong.

The Blue arrow shows the START of the rapid exponential rate of growth of the cases due to a combination of people coming out of the shutdown period, and the millions of people who CHOSE to not get vaccinated.

We KNOW that roughly 95% of the people getting sick (or showing symptoms) with COVID-19 (so, therefore, adding to the case count) were/are unvaccinated. These records are all kept and reported to the CDC. If you didn’t get vaccinated, then the CDC (and anyone who has access to this information, such as medical personnel) knows it.

This screeshot comes from the updated emails that I get from my local county about COVID-19, but can be extrapolated (used to demonstrate) out to represent the whole US population with minor statistical variances….humans are humans, after all.

Therefore, if you got sick and you are not vaccinated, it is VERY EASY to track….these data don’t lie.

While the CDC did finally approve one of the vaccines a couple weeks ago, the News was ONLY HAPPY to previously report to everyone that they weren’t approved and were therefore “experimental”, then, seemingly out of nowhere, it just stopped. While it is interesting (that was sarcasm) that the News basically stopped pushing their anti-vaxxer nonsense right about the time when the CDC approved that vaccine (guess they couldn’t exactly get away with their statistically infinitesimal “maybe” anymore…those aliens could still invade, after all), it is ALSO interesting that, by looking at the green arrow in the graph, cases RATES started going down, or tapering off (thank God) roughly about 2-3 weeks ago….

…and ironically right when the News stopped with their anti-vaxxer crap (and starting riling people up over “losses” in Afghanistan).

Look for a footnote about Afganistan at the end of this post

It seems that the massive increase in case rates between the blue and the green arrows, along with the many coinciding DEATHS, were ABSOLUTELY the FAULT of the MSM (yes, Fox News too) and their daily horseshit anti-vaxxer (and anti-science) narration (spin).

Now….who REALLY has the “blood on their hands”?

I waited to write this post mostly because I wanted to wait for that crucial threshold of time, that was clearly reached by the green arrow, AND was easily predictable by anyone in the Science, especially Bioscience, fields, because my hope is that NOW your heads might ring, you will snap out of your News addictions, and you will…once and for all….

….Wake Up

I am NO LIBERAL (they’re just as easily spun up by their News as you all are) but I’m writing this specifically to Conservatives, and mostly to Christian Conservatives, because YOU, or YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC represents a special buying demographic called the “LATE adopters of fashion or technology” (yes, Liberals are called “EARLY adopters of fashion of technology)

The very word “Conservative” basically means people who are stuck in their ways and resistant to change or new things.

So…that makes it AWFULLY EASY to both target and sell, or pitch, products and services to you.

This ALSO is why the News KNOWS that you’re going to be EASY to BAIT about being resistant to getting this vaccine!

You might even call it a Fait Accompli.

YOU are the “True Believing” Conservative demographic, and they know exactly how to advertise to you because you lay down to their programming. In Sales, a “Lay Down” is someone who doesn’t argue, negotiate, or put of a fight…in other words, you’re easy.

Your demographic lays down to terms like “Freedom”, or “God”, or “Guns” or “Outdoosy things”

So…while the corporate MSM News (yes, Fox News too) raked in billions of Wall Street advertising profits while gaming you into believing that the vaccines were dangerous, or “experimental”, you and many of the other Conservatives who you associate with, got horribly sick and many probably died from the COVID virus, BECAUSE you CHOSE to NOT get vaccinated!


PLEASE, folks, for the sake of your Family, your Country, and all that you believe to be Kind, Just, Holy, or Good, just let that one sit on you for a moment.

The News was not only willing to let millions of AMERICANS get sick and/or die to sell ADVERTISING for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFITS…but…honestly….THEY actually MANUFACTURED the whole SECOND damned pandemic CRISIS to begin with! (at the point of the blue arrow)

NOW….let THAT one sit on you for a moment!

The News isn’t real…..YOUR News isn’t real…..NONE OF IT IS REAL!

None of it.

You dig?

Now…the Science:


First, we really need to look at this “experimental vaccine” nonsense. The News is exploiting your misunderstanding of Science. I’m a Science Teacher, please allow me to just stay in my lane and do my job, okay?

I’m only trying to help people here.

First of all, pretty much EVERYTHING is a running experiment…and I mean EVERYTHING. LIFE itself is a running EXPERIMENT!

Nothing is really fixed, stable, or ideal….we know that the universe is in flux, expanding, changing…evolving….changing.

Change is not only NOT weird or even unexpected, it’s really just normal…..and most of the time, it’s just really really boring.

(Climate Change alarmists, are you listening? I’m coming after your bullshit artists next.)

So, while Science has always been (and is being) used as an “authority fallacy” by many in the News and Advertising fields, and, yes, it’s used to target the “True Believers” of BOTH the “Right” and “Left” market target demographics, at least the “Left” will allow themselves to BELIEVE (as a Science Teacher, I HATE that word), even if they don’t understand it (which, trust me, they DON’T).

While it IS true that this whole COVID-19 event over the last year and a half has been a huge EXPERIMENT, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t REAL…the virus was (is) real, the rates were (are) real, the deaths were (are) real…

….it is REAL.

Let’s go back to the FACT (well, unless the aliens attack, I guess), that 95% of the people getting sick with this new summer surge were UNVACCINATED people, and the FACT that your NEWS was somehow STILL able to scare you with the FACT that about 5% of the people who got sick WERE VACCINATED….I mean, ARE YOU FOR REAL?!

Are you SERIOUSLY going to choose the 5% over the 95%?!!

HOLY NUTS, MAN, you couldn’t get 95 out of a 100 8-YEAR-OLDS to tell you that they LIKED COTTON CANDY!

Have you ANY IDEA how DIFFICULT it is to get a 95% SUCCESS RATE in literally ANY scientific EXPERIMENT?!!!

It’s COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE to even IMAGINE that these vaccines are “experimental” WITH THOSE kinds of SUCCESS NUMBERS!! LOL!


Over the last 3+ months of coming out of lockdown, these new case rates revealed something very new to me. While almost all of the events over the last year-plus were fairly easy to predict scientifically, I would NEVER have ever predicted in a million gazillion years that literally MILLIONS of people could be so EASILY BRAINWASHED to NOT get vaccinated!

I NEVER saw that coming…as FAKE as the News is, and as much as I understand how it works and understand all the horribly monstrous societal damage that it causes, I mean, I honestly NEVER thought it was THAT powerful.


Okay, now let’s look at the teal arrow. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up for anything because this whole thing could STILL easily turn very ugly real fast (which I’ll explain next), but, yeah, it does appear that we’re finally reaching a peak in the case rates (thank God) and it SHOULD now start to go down…but “should” is a very scary word in Science, so, let me say this…”The data suggests” (or “the evidence suggests”…) that the case rates are going to go down now.

The “data suggests”, but, okay, it IS true, I guess, that the aliens could TECHNICALLY still invade at any time.

Obviously this is GOOD NEWS (not the aliens invading), so that’s why the MSM News (yes, that’s Fox News too) started making people angry and feeling “loss” about Afghanistan….that was one heck of a quick switch, don’t you think?

Like, say, toilet paper and ammunition?

Anyhoo, let’s learn some Biology, eh?


I am NOT a Doctor (such as Dr. Fauci) or in any way a specialist in the fields of virology or viruses, medical treatments, blah blah blah…none of that….

MY Practice in the Science fields is in K-12 Education.

I am only a humble Science Teacher….staying in my lane…….doing my job.

Our DNA has only 4 basic chemicals in it that code for literally ALL of our genes and our features, processes, and body events that make us who we are. Just 4 for all this diversity, isn’t that cool? In FACT, every single living thing on this planet ALSO has those same 4 chemicals that make up THEIR DNA as well (who knows what the aliens’ DNA will look like)……I just think that is as peachy cool as it gets, and that’s why I love teaching Science (if only the News Media would let me *sigh*).

DNA molecule

Those 4 chemicals (called “bases”) are Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine. Adenine generally bonds with Thymine and Cytosine bonds with Guanine, and they are then bonded together laterally (so, like a spiral staircase) with sugar “rungs” called Ribose (as opposed to Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, and other sugars). This particular sugar, the Ribose, has one less Carbon atom AND one less Oxygen atom than those other sugars, hence the term DE-OXY Ribose…..

….uh-huh….you’re digging it now, AREN’T YOU?


It’s the combination of these bases, and how they bond with each other (called a “base pair”), and how many they bond with along these DEOXYribose (sugar) “rungs” that make Chromosomes. The Chromosomes are the massive (in comparison to actual bases, or genes) molecules that make up all the diversity of life on Earth.

Yep…that’s friggin cool.

Now, here’s the thing, SOMETIMES, during the manufacturing process of making new DNA for new cells, mistakes happen when these bases get replicated along their DNA chains (or sugar rungs). You lose something like a million skin cells a day (don’t hold me to that lol) so THEREFORE, you need NEW CELLS to be “built” to replace them, no?

There are, in fact, thousands of these mistakes going on in your body’s billions of cells every day (that’s true), and SOME of them could do some VERY SERIOUS damage, IF they are not repaired.

But, amazingly, we have natural repair mechanisms that actually do a pretty dang good job and this is why we’re all allowed to live to 80, 90, 100+ years old, given the right conditions (such as getting vaccinations to protect us from viral and bacterial attacks).

Your body …is Chemicals

And now I bring you a picture of The Terminator!

Now, the VIRUS, on the other hand…well…it’s a little different. THIS virus is called a “retrovirus” which DOES NOT mean that it’s from the 80s like The Terminator (wait, what year was he supposed to have come from?), BUT that it uses a different molecule called RNA, to multiply. AND, it’s using the very same RNA in OUR CELLS to DO IT!

…the bastard!

We have RNA molecules too, in fact, our DNA transfers this base-pair code to RNA then outside the nucleus (into the cytoplasm) to build our bodies (and whatnot). Can you guess what the “R” stands for in RNA? Yep, it’s now RiboNucleic Acid, because this molecule HAS that Oxygen atom in it that was missing from the DEOXYribonucleic Acid (DNA).

Cool, huh?

Anyway, this RNA molecule is pretty dang cool because it can move through the nucleus of the cell whereas the DNA can’t, so it transfers the DNA’s code outside of the nucleus (into the Cytoplasm of the cell) where it can then be transformed (or, technically, “Translated”) into proteins for the body’s use for gazillions of things.

Back to the virus. You can think of the virus as basically being one huge RNA mistake..or, what we call a “Mutation” of the RNA.

Except that the virus’s RNA, like what our DNA does for us, provides the original code for its own structure and whatever it needs to exist, and to multiply, while using the exact same “protein synthesis” apparatus of its host’s (so, us) cells.

Now that we have a VERY BASIC understanding of how Genetic Replication and Protein Synthesis works (these are actually pretty complex processes with MANY chemicals at play, but for our purpose, I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible…plus, I’ve forgotten most of this stuff by now anyway lol).

Let’s discuss WAR STRATEGY!

A great war strategist (I think it was Clausewitz) once said something to the effect of “To destroy an enemy, you must destroy its religion”. The “religion” being what bonds its people and its armies together towards a common cause…i.e. its brand or belief system, which gives it its will to fight.

So, clearly this virus has declared war with our species, and it was winning big time just before the vaccines were released (and after all the actual trials were performed) back in December of 2020. As vaccines stocks were then ramped up, the vaccines were produced and available for everyone by, what was it, May?

As you can see from that same CDC graph from in the beginning (purple arrow this time) that the massive decline in case rates was ABSOLUTELY and, dare I say, FACTUALLY created by the use and expansion of these vaccines.

There is ZERO denying this FACT!

A “statistical zero” is ZERO (though, we can’t discount the possibility of aliens invading or something STATISICALLY POSSIBLE, but pretty fracken unlikely, okay?).

So, while your NEWS was (and is) scaring you about STATISTICAL ZEROES (and invading Bigfoots from Mars), people were, IN FACT, not getting sick as much compared to before the vaccines…and not even by a little bit.

Like, it was a HUGE drop!

We had effectively beaten the virus at that point because we had destroyed its religion…or it’s CAUSE to wage war against us.

COVID-19 had lost its religion (hey, it happens to the best of us *sigh*)

You would call that a “fait accompli”…or at least Napoleon would. A Fait Accompli is something, given the inputs and the overwhelming proponderance of the evidence (or data), that we KNOW is GOING TO HAPPEN, but it’s just not quite there yet.

THEN, out of freakin’ NO WHERE, for some MYSTERIOUS REASON, the virus GOT ITS RELIGION BACK!

Again, I would NEVER have predicted this outcome in a million years…it was completely baffling to me and, frankly, still is.


Welp, you need only look at your News for the answer.



And it’s strength is in its numbers. It replicates EXTREMELY FAST, and it travels (infects people) VERY FAST….so, given statistical probabilities…..this virus IS mutating!

….and it will continue to mutate until we eradicate it 100% with everyone getting vaccinated.

If this virus mutates some new genetic power to better resist our vaccines, or, more importantly, our manufacturing capacity to create and mass produce new vaccines….

…then it WILL win this war.

These viruses, living off their hosts, do NOT have genetic repair mechanisms like we do…BUT, what if they MUTATED and SUDDENLY CREATED ONE?!

Why wouldn’t it? …WE did! ………..and we’re a HELL of LOT more complex than IT IS!

The vaccines were absolutely necessary BECAUSE this virus was in the process of decreasing our species’ global lifespan for the first time in our recorded history. It really was AND IS that horrible (despite what your News sold you).

BUT it’s NOW the actual vaccines that are FORCING the virus to MUTATE!

Let me say that again…our VACCINES are PRESSURING the virus’s RNA to MUTATE…..why? …….because it wants to WIN THE WAR!



Folks, this is a no shit ARMS RACE. That’s the way Nature works. It’s NOT Kind, Just, Holy, or Good…it’s just not….Nature does some pretty damn WICKED shit, actually.

So, if EVERYONE got vaccinated (or at least 90%+) then the virus would simply go away.

This is how polio, small pox, diphtheria, tuberculosis and any number of these other infectious diseases went away (I mean unless we’re counting the aliens invading again).

I think it’s time to end this. I would like to hope that some people possibly learned some Science (and maybe even War Strategy), but, mostly, this is about people…and CARING for PEOPLE.

So, please stop being an uncaring, piece of sh!t dirtbag and get vaccinated…for Your Freedom, for your Family, for your Community, for Society, FOR YOUR COUNTRY, and, yes, for the World.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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