Do you need a cause in your life? ….something to really fight for, maybe? ….something for which you will REALLY matter to other people?

…I have some humble recommendations for you:

1. Volunteer to teach or tutor kids to read at your local Public Library…this is a purpose that is TRULY necessary because the Public Schools, locked into a lot of bureaucratic mindlessness and political nonsense have unfortunately failed pretty miserably at it. But, truly, it’s not like the Public Schools are all to blame for their problems when, after all, policy-makers are passing laws that incentivize the schools with tax payer money to just pass kids along without any evidence of actual learning (Race To The Top, more like an Extinction Vortex of absolute shite). Then there’s the News proclaiming that Common Core Learning Standards are some sort of Communist infiltration to disintegrate the minds of American children…as if Algerbra is a massive Communist plot against America! LOL!!!

Check it out, kids, just do your freaking homework and stop blaming the Communists for your functional illiteracy. *smdh*

2. Volunteer for TLC programs at your local animal shelter. Especially work with the Pit Bulls….these are animals that are, sadly, desperately in need of love because the sinister ALARMIST NEWS MEDIA has profited mightily by demonizing them as violent vicious animals…similar to what it has done with, say, sharks or the Koch brothers, or The Green Goblin, or the Joker, or Lex Luther or any other arch-type village boogeyman.

Rescue Dog Thanks Mom, And The Photo Is Going Viral

3. Smile at random strangers on the street…maybe even shake their hands or “high five” ‘em and say “hey, what’s up?….beautiful weather we’re having today, no?” …rather than being the voice of FEAR about the weather (or climate), as you are programmed to do by your PROFIT BASED News media and POWER SEEKING politicians.

Be a better world 🙂

Click on this picture for a fun surprise 🙂

Whatever you choose to do, just get away from the daily hamster wheel of the spinbot 24 hour News cycle….none of it is real, and nothing it scares you about will ever be fixed, BECAUSE it’s not real…you’re just blowing farts in the wind, wasting your life away, while they profit in the billions every year from your lazy, mind-numbing consumption of it.

Besides, those kids and those puppy dogs need you, and let’s be honest, we could all use a lot more smiling in this world, don’t you think?


– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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