This post is about loving fathers and their daughters…’s NOT about race! I will cover the Race/Race-Baiting crap, etc. in my very next post (and others), and if that one doesn’t smack you square in the face with reality, then your blood isn’t flowing….and then there will be on it more to follow (see link > America’s BIGGEST problem – The Achievement Gap…)

….because it’s damn time we finally FIX this &$@%er!

Fathers, please stop calling your daughters “Princess” or they will grow up with huge life-long emotional phychological inferiority complexes, which they will attempt to assuage by panic-buying toilet paper, mint chocolate ice cream, and diet pills…

…and THAT is exactly what Corporate America wants them to do!

They will never feel satified, loved, axiety-free, or truly happy and they will wonder how they failed to meet up to their father’s expectations when they eventually find out they are not, and will never be a Princess.

Then, in time, they’ll wonder why their fathers lied to them.

Then they will learn to hate you for lying to them and end up rebelling against you, as well as all the world, as they’ll never really ever, fully feel, Trust for other men…least-wise not the good ones.

They will become easy to seduce by the worst monsters on the planet and will forever feel the emotional need to make it their mission in life to fix and help very…very…………bad men.

Do you see where this is going now?

So……if you’ve ever wondered why your teenage daughters push away from you?

Look no further than the mirror.

OR life-long credit card DEPT……dig?

Fathers, it’s YOU who created these brats!

…so please stop

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