This is a human extermination plan being carried out =>

This is also a human extermination plan being carried out =>

The only difference between them is that the second one was/is EASILY preventable with highly effective (95% success rate) and perfectly safe (NO ONE has died from these vaccines) vaccines.

This guy was the leader in Germany who initiated and created a mass movement, then into, eventually, a political Party.

These sick fucks were his buddies, and the ones who conducted the German Holocaust against Jews and other “undesireables” (who they deemed) in their society.

“Do what you’re told, Fox News Consumer”

The only difference between Nazi Germany’s Holocaust propaganda plan and Fox News’s Holocaust propaganda plan is that the Nazis were a State Actor and could be easily identified as the culprit and ultimately targetted for destruction. Fox News, on the other hand, is a Non-State, globally operating and globally traded for profits, corporation, so it’s fairly impossible to destroy it, even if they brazingly make it pretty damn easy to identify.

Fox News employs the exact same propaganda techniques that the Nazis used as well.

Now, of course, the people of Germany went along with this business of human extermination, although it is arguable how culpable they were, considering how effective the Nazi’s propaganda machine was.

This is that Nazi human extermination plan being revealed to the vicious, brainwashed population that allowed for it to happen and, therefore, for all intents and purposes, helped to carry it out.

…and this is me


IN NO WAY, am I, in ANY WAY, suggesting, IN ANY WAY, that American Conservatives are Nazis….nope….THAT’S all a bunch of ridiculous News Media Generated HORSESHIT as well….and BOTH political monkey tribes MANUFACTURED IT!


IN FACT…..LIBERALS …..this goes right out to YOU! ……if YOU are allowing this American Holocaust to happen right now because YOU want American Conservatives to DIE of this COVID VIRUS…

…then, check it out…


And it is you who is holding the smoking gun in America right now….

…because you know better……………..and you are CHOOSING not to do anything about it


Do you think yourself Compassionate for allowing, or even desiring, otherwise innocent, though brainwashed people to NEEDLESSLY die?

…does that make you ….a Tolerant person?

Maybe you should be checking YOUR News sources as well, eh?

Do what you’re told, Liberal News Consumer

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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