“The Two-Party political system…America’s great Game”

“The only reason why Racism exists is because it’s Profitable – “Black Lives Matter”, the Corporate Brand”

““Loss” or Scarcity Marketing……wow, this is a big one *sigh*”

“The News is NOT “The Press” and “The Press” is NOT the News – A necessary and timely revisit of the meaning of the 1st Amendment”

“Red Dawn, Back to the Future, The Terminator, and Product Placement”

“The Noble Savage Fallacy and why privileged, suburban white kids wear BLM T-shirts”

“Spin,  Zeitgeist,  Evolutionary Bottlenecks,  and Extinction Vortexes (is the U.S.A. next?)”

“The Mean (Good), The True Believers (Bad), The Crazies (Ugly), and How to Manufacture an Inner-City Race Riot (NME and other Elites)”

“The News is just an “us vs. them” Bidding War for boatloads of corporate advertising profits.”

“Christian Conservatives, this is why you NEED to get vaccinated”

“America is just “Rock Music” and other Indulgences – De-escalation Heroes vs. Escalation Villians….…pick your Tribe”

“Gender….it’s really not that simple”

“TVs should be Free….Economies of Scale, fo Realz”

“The problem with Capitalism, the problem with Communism, and was the Cold War actually Real?”

“How to get out of poverty………………the motherfuckin Truth”

“What if Stan Lee had never created Spiderman? …….the unimaginable future that might have happened”

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