This is Peanut Butter

This is also Peanut Butter (Peanut Oil)

This is Jelly

This is also Jelly (Table Sugar)

This is laughably cartoonish 10 year old you fighting over PB & J

This is adult you being baited to fight over PB & J

This is also adult you STILL laughably fighting over PB & J

This is Testosterone. It is the chemical in your body that is released into your bloodstream that makes you FEEL like fighting. Testorone feels FUCKING GREAT. We LOVE Testosterone…it makes us FEEL CONfident! In fact, Testosterone is commonly referred to as “The Confidence Hormone”, and it’s quite easy to get it to release into our bloodstream.

The News, Advetisers, Politicians, and other Propgandists understand full well how to trigger your body to release testosterone quite naturally by peppering you with Loss/Scarcity media (small “m”) messaging and Conflict Marketing campaigns. There are other chemicals released into your body along the formulaic messaging of your News shows and the Advertisements you see, but it’s Testosterone that makes you think you’re bullet proof when entering into dumbass decisions that will get you hurt…

…or to get you to hurt others.

Your PERCEPTIONS are the basis of your UNDERSTANDINGS, which then grant you the REASONING for making your DECISIONS.

…and it’s your PERCEPTIONS that are being molded by your NEWS

So it begs the question…..are you REALLY making YOUR OWN decisions after all?

Why do Humans hurt other Humans?

…..………because it FEELS good



Seriously, grow up…..sick of this shit

Just grow up, will you?

MUCH more of The Science coming soon.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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