In Sports today, the FAKE National Media HATES Seattle sports and here’s the data to prove it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I was about to post something super exciting about the Mariners just now but then I had a very sobering moment when I looked at these data…..or I should say “data”

If THIS isn’t a perfect example of the National sports media’s perennial HATE for Seattle sports, I have no idea what else could.

Why, you might ask? ….come on *smdh*

We currently have the hottest win streak in the AL, EVERY team in the playoff race except us and the Blue Jays loss today, and the Blue Jays beat the A’s, who we needed to lose anyway….

…today was SUCH A MARINER’S WIN!!!

BUT. look over at these percentages to the right. This is the supposed probability that any of these teams are going to make the playoffs.

It’s really disgusting, the Blue Jays have more than 10 points better than us and they’re one game behind us in the race lol …pretty much all of Canada are Blue Jay fans lol …..and the A’s even have a higher percentage than we do and they just LOST 3 in a row lol …yep, that Bay Area is FILTHY with DECADENT WEALTH LOL!

But the REAL laugher is Boston and, of course, NY…now the National Media LOVES the natural bidding war that always goes on between the cities of Boston and NY, so OF COURSE these numbers are SO friggin embellished! lol

We are only 3 games behind Boston and 3.5 games behind the Yankees but FOR SOME REASON we’re #$%@#%@ 80+ points BEHIND THEM!! LOL


Seriously, folks, if this doesn’t show, if even in its most harmless way, how utterly fecking FAKE the News Media is, I don’t know what does lol …and, no, it’s NOT just the sports media either

Just follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

rant over *sigh*


By the way, we’re only 4.5 games away from Houston for the DIVISION win!


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