The key to overcoming your anxieties and fears is Confidence…the key to developing Confidence is being Adaptable…the key to becoming Adaptable is becoming Tough…the key to becoming Tough is being able to get over your feelings of loss, rejection, and failure quickly ………………the key to getting over your feelings of loss, rejection, and failure is to take risks AND in making decisions which are challenging and frightening.. in time developing an emotional callous to the pain…

…then, when you reach a point where you have a higher threshold for pain than your competitors…you win.

People say knowledge is Power…but the reality is that Power only really stems from winning competitive struggles, in which knowledge is only a small part of the formula…those who can absorb pain (loss, rejection, failure, frustration, insult, injury) LONGER than others are the one who survive and prosper in this world.

Any suggestion to the alternative by others is a calculated set-up to render you strategically neutered, powerless, and bowing in submission before your willfully chosen Ruler.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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