Maybe what the world needs now is another Robbespierre….hmmm……or even better, a new Chuck Palahniuk….hmmmm…

“Tyler sold his soap to department stores at $20 a bar….God knows what they charged.”

“It was beautiful. We were selling rich women their own fat asses back to them.”

“Fight Club” should be required reading in all American public high schools. You should not be able to graduate until passing a test on it. It’s truly one of the most important documents ever made in American history and I include the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution in that category as well. Sadly neither of THOSE documents are required reading in American Public Schools either…so I’ll not hold my breath on that one.

I’ve got a LOT more to write in this post, concerning the topic in the headlines, of course, but it’s going to be very long, highly detailed, and quite graphic. I’ll need to follow it up with posts about the real differences between Capitalism and Communism (of the Soviet variety) and why Communism ACTUALLY failed there. It’s not the populist bullshit that we’ve all been told from our Western propaganda sources, in fact, to reveal what really killed the Soviet Union would also expose Democracy/Capitalism’s achilles as well……and they wouldn’t want that.

…..allow me.

See, Chuck Palahniuk exposed much of it way back in 1999, a full decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it’s what happened in America post-Cold War that would have given him the inspiration for it. Seeing the obvious failings of American Democracy/Capitalism in full public bloom, and, at once, finally in absence of its glaring “other” (the USSR) to give it a ready excuse for it all….what would ol’ CP have felt in having seen the Rodney King riots followed by the OJ Simpson ones and his own personal growth as a talented Writer and Artist? …..I’ve often wondered if Fight Club was inspired by these events and others of the time.

Obviously I don’t speak for Black Americans (nor White, duh) but I’d be willing to bet that most Black people would prefer it if clueless suburban privileged, mostly female, White people would stop pandering to them as if they’re all dopey, perfectly innocent, and tragically hated and discriminated against by middle-aged-bearded-working class-White men-who-have-lifted-pickup-trucks (does that paint a clear enough picture for you???) lost puppy dogs who can’t find their way home.

Corporate America with its proud Financial Markets and its locked-down Political Markets (i,.e. the Politicians) certainly loves to profit from it all.

…..allow them.

(..yes, we do *sigh*)

All I really want to do is to just teach middle school Math and Science…literally, that’s it, man…..but I cannot do that when I’ve got nutbeans to the right of me screeching some bullshit about vaccines being deadly and nutbeans to the left of me screeching about the horrors of too many sunny damn days.


Publicity Stunts……to get YOU to RECKLESSLY run out and panic buy more toilet paper, ammunition, and lottery tickets……and now, apparently, yummy and fatty (“I make and I sell..Soap…the Yardstick of Civilization”) Juneteenth Walmart ice cream in, I don’t know…like, no shit African colors…..huh? …like, does everyone know that Africa is actually a pretty damn massive no shit CONTINENT?! I sure hope those Arabicish Muslimmy folks in the North don’t feel discriminated against now….

.guess this isn’t my party…

Damn thing started in friggin TEXAS, not AFRICA! lol….shoulda used TEXAS COLORS, WALMART!!! LOL

…guess that wouldn’t have been “black” enough…


I HAVE A DREAM!…………..I honestly think every public school teacher that allowed or inspired their students to skip class because of Black Lives Matter or Gay Pride marches should all be fired and their Certificates should be stripped for life from them.

Exploitation of Kids by Inspiring the Willful Indulgence of Corporate Publicity Stunts should definitely be grounds for termination for any Educator.

I honestly really only just want one thing and that is to get back to teaching regular ol’ standardized unalarmist and FUN middle school Math and Science!! ….literally, that is all I want.

And that is why I’m doing this blog.

So so SO much more to write on this…..I’m hoping to get this one completed by this ridiculous joke of a friggin National Holiday…something we call…what? …..Juneteenth?

Okay, whatever *eye-roll/smdh/shrugging*

…tired of this shit

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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