This one goes out to Teachers, First Responders, College Professors AND their Students, Tradesmen, Career Military people, anyone in the Medical field (literally anyone), those who work in Security, the Scientific Community, Farmers, and pretty much anyone who has never worked in Mastery Level Sales and Marketing.

You are ALL 100% easy peasy to target, pitch products to, persuade, and sell to…most with very high commissions and you will leave believing you did the right thing and feel both happy and, most especially, CONfident in “your” decision to buy (or vote for) the product you just bought.

You were very easy to get Commitment from…and getting Commitment is THEE most important thing in Sales. People THINK they’re making the right decisions that they just COMMITTED to, but the reality is that they were all just persuaded by very good Salespeople.

I have mentioned in many of my posts that I did Sales, specifically Car Sales, for many years, and eventually, after about 5 years in the game, I did, in fact, master it…and I just knew it. There was no test to take for it, no great task or level of achievement I needed to reach to master it….no belt to earn, no proficiency score I needed to hit, and no formal long drawn-out qualification process I needed to go through. No one needed to sign off on it and there was no certificate to hang on my wall.

Nope, Car Sales isn’t like that at all….when you hit Mastery in Sales, it’s just something you know when it happens. Nearly everyone you meet and greet lays down to you. You can escalate and deescalate people and their emotions as easy as blinking and brushing your teeth….everything suddenly becomes easy for you.

You just know it.

I have sold cars to Conservatives by randomly serving up Christian messaging or talking about Guns (I’m a literal “gun guy” myself so this one’s actually pretty easy for me to pull off….wait until my post about Guns/Gun Control…talk about a real wake up call THAT one will be).

Honestly, most Conservatives are extremely hard to sell to. This is because, by and large, they’re considered “Late Adopters of new fashion/technology” (can anyone say “vaccines”?), so they don’t tend to jump on new things quickly… sucks ass. But anyway, therefore, if you don’t slowly pepper them with a little Jesus butter like scripture verses or just telling a quaint story and working in “then the Lord spoke to me..” or some damned nutcase Jesus “washed in the blood..” bullshit, then your time at the desk during negotiation is going to have you thinking you’re burning in Hell. So, if you work in just a little bit of Jesus blabber early in the sales process, it goes a long LONG way in Sales with politically Conservative Late Adopters when you need them to sign on the line that is dotted.

And trust me, they’ll then immediately bow down in complete deference, sign the line, get on their damn knees right before you, and wait for their brand new “daily bread” to roll right down to Delivery, with you, the otherwise simple car salesman, born in a manger or some shit, as their new savior.

Then there are Liberals who are by and large young and very naive and superficial. The upper privileged ones all have generational money that they tend to recklessly spend, so they’re pretty easy to sell to if you hit these dingies right in their soft hearts(heads). I have sold cars to Liberals by randomly serving up Environmentalist (a religion no less like the others) messaging or talking about the many times in my life I’ve been “Compassionate” with someone….seriously, randomly using the word “Compassion” alone will EASILY leave you with $1000-$2000 in your deal…just like taking candy from a dumbass….and they all do it willingly …or at least they BELIEVE they are.

I have EASILY sold cars to people of OBVIOUS polical persuasion who were easily COMMITTED to either political Party…seriously….these people (you know who you are) literally WEAR their target zones all over them. People wear their political beliefs EXTREMELY PUBLICLY as if they’re all walking, talking flags of emotional buying commitment. Hats, T-shirts, #$%@ing RAINBOW SOCKS! ….ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!! ……….people litter themselves in political stupidity…and they do it constantly, every day of their lives.

Once a person becomes COMMITTED to something, they become SUBSCRIBERS of a thing or idea…

…and Wall Street LOVES Subscribers.

Subscribers represent long-term, very predictable growth….nothing tastes sweeter than predictable growth to Investors.

It’s your easily predictable sense of PRIDE that’s really easy as shit to get at….and it’s not something you’re thinking about….it’s a FEELING

…a FEELING of…….CONfidence…….

Except PRIDEFUL CONfidence comes from the feeling you get when you BELONG with OTHERS who FEEL the EXACT SAME as YOU.

And it is the very same feeling that Sheep feel when they are being herded.

So, the only question left here is, who is YOUR Shephard………..and what…exactly…

…are you buying?

This link is to a blog that is not mine, nor my work, and I do not accept credit for it…but it’s pretty damn good anyway.

More on Mastery Level Sales coming soon….

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