Certified Teachers are held to a certain legal responsibility which requires us to report to the police when we witness or suspect a crime being committed, especially one in which children are involved including Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Child Sexual Molestation, Child Abandonment, Drug Abuse, etc. (I could go on).

Here in the State of WA it’s called being a “Mandatory Reporter”. In fact, if we see or suspect these crimes and DON’T report them, then we could be held legally liable and could lose our Certification.

These illegal acts don’t have to be witnessed just in the school but this applies literally to everywhere we go and with anything that we do in our lives. That’s why Teaching isn’t just a job, it’s a Practice.

What I can ABSOLUTELY tell you is that ANYONE who is easily triggered into rage for ANY REASON demonstrates (usually in full public bloom for everyone to see) actions and behaviors that suggest they are or will be Child Abusers and readily commit acts of Domestic Violence in the home or elsewhere. AND the truly EFFED UP thing about it, is that they will NEVER admit that they are wrong and will often BRAG about it with self-righteous PRIDE when and after they do it.

This is clearly Evil.

The real problem is that bad people don’t actually know that they are bad. In fact they, in their Hero Worship, believe they’re doing GOOD while doing it.

Adolf Hitler didn’t just pop out of bed every day, look in the mirror, and say to himself, “I’m going to be the most EVIL person ever!”

…nope, Evil doesn’t work that like….people who do Evil actually BELIEVE they’re doing good (or even Holy).

OR does one’s perspective, point of view, and purpose matter in these events?


Pretty sure there’ll be more on this Coming Soon, but in the mean time, please stop letting the daily News hurt your feelwings and keep spinning your dumbass up into fits of self-important, overly confident RAGE just so you’ll run out panic buying toilet paper and ammunition, pig-feeding your face with extremely salty comfort food, and abusing your and everyone else’s children.

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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