I just took this picture. For some reason over the last 2-3 days my apartment got infested with flies, and I presume it’s not over. I’ve been killing about 50-100 flies a night, no joke (PM me if you want to know the trick), but this one is interesting. I must have brought some eggs in during my move a couple of months ago and they are hatching inside my new apartment somewhere…seems gross, but that’s actually good news because it means they’re not bringing anyone else’s literal shit into my place. So…they were born here, inside of my apartment somewhere.

Anyway, I took this picture because, as you can see, there are about 10 flies (the black spots) just hanging on the screen…I’m sure they are all dearly wishing, hoping, praying for their freedom. So last night, I got smart and decided to crack open the screen a little so they could all get out on their own (and save me the rubbing alcohol) …but, here they are, today, hours afterward, still clinging on to their hopes of becoming “free” one day. But the screen is open for them.

Why won’t they just leave? Are they stupid? Are they waiting for some other fly to lead them out? Are they afraid?

I then went outside and just pulled the whole damn thing off and you would not believe what happened…instead of flying off, many of them still clung to the screen lol …and, there were others still inside the window, not leaving. I had to basically push them out into the big bad scary world they are clearly so afraid of.

ESSENTIAL POINT==> This is “Freedom” in America…especially right now. See, the reality is that people don’t actually want their Freedom. It’s simply not our natural state. We WANT to be ruled, but with the caveat to be permitted to open up our gums and bitch about our rulers.

This is basically what all monkeys (primates) want in life.

The people right now screaming for their “Freedom” or whatever bullshit, don’t actually want it…freedom is scary….should I go on?

Okay, Let me just ask you this, if you truly believe you are “Free” then tell me what gives you your “power” to be free?

That is a rhetorical question….

…because whatever that “power” is….it is ruling you.

You are NOT Free…….you are just a Prisoner of Your Own Device

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Science Teacher

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  1. Freedom is a relative thing. We in America are more free than if we were in Afghanistan or N. Korea, say. We ARE governed, however, but only by our own consent. Nobody is totally free; there will always be some kind of authority to keep us from wantonly killing each other, for example.

    So depending upon where you live and under what authority, freedom to do (what?) varies, even the morality of it all.

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